We are a community of believers passionate about following Jesus and helping others to do the same.
At RCB, we exist to make disciples for Jesus Christ. We are a Bible-based and Spirit-led Church that loves God and people.
In 2017 & 2018, we will accomplish
this vision through focusing on
“Reformation & Professionalism”.
We will focus on being excellent in what we already do: strengthening our children & teen’s ministry, enhancing management of ministries, going deeper in the word of God, witnessing boldly about Christ, living a life of prayer.
You're Invited!
We would love
to meet you!
Passionately we come every week to worship our Lord and  Saviour, learn from God’s word, pray together, give generously, and have  fellowship with each other.


    Discipleship: it’s a life style.
    Just like Jesus, we seek to serve people through CALLING them to God, TEACHING them His will, FREEING them from bondage, HELPING them to heal, and praying with and for them. We do that together in small groups. You can join a ‘Life Group’ at any time.
    We Care
    RCB loves to empower individuals and families through all their stages of life. You can join in on marriage courses, children's programs, family trips, and many other special events.


    The Marriage Course is a series of seven sessions, designed to help couples invest in their relationship and build a strong marriage.



    An early childhood development center for at-risk children. A project of Philemon Society.



    A fun music group for parents and their toddlers. The program helps develop the kids gross and fine motor skills, language, imagination, mathematical, pre-reading, and social skills.



    RCB is able to aid more than 600 refugee families who are in great need, serving them with medical care, monthly food vouchers, trauma counseling, winter relief items, and much more.

    Relief & Community Care
    Helping refugee families, migrant workers, and children at-risk.
    Unconditionally, we love and care for marginalized and refugee families and especially those within the RCB family through physical aid, emotional care, educational provision, and skills development.
    We partner with others in this ministry and invite people to join in.
    What We Believe

    We believe that the entire Bible is inspired by God. We believe the Holy Spirit enlightens the loyal reader’s mind so he/she understands the spiritual truths in it. The Bible is our final reference in faith, practice, and worship. We believe the Church’s statement of faith was inspired by the Bible.

    Free this weekend? Join us in church!

    We are unashamedly passionate about the house of God.
    We welcome visitors at RCB and would love to have you join us in church this weekend.

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