Who We Are

What We Believe

We believe that the entire Bible is inspired by God, that the Holy Spirit illuminates the mind of the faithful reader, that the Bible—especially the New Testament—is the final reference in faith and practice, and that the statement of faith is inspired by the Bible.

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Discipleship: It’s a Life Style

Following Jesus means to be His disciple. We grow into this lifestyle and encourage each other to follow Jesus through ‘Life Groups’. ‘Life Groups’ are friends who meet regularly to have fun, read and study the Bible, pray, invite others to love God, and share experiences in this journey of life.
Only a Disciple Can Truly Make a Disciple

Believing that evangelism & discipleship are a culture, we invest our time and resources in indigenous potential leaders who are willing to intensively spend time to make disciples. We do that through Intensive Disciple-Making of Leaders (IDL) & several Leaders Trainings during the year, and we partner with church planters all over the Middle East & North Africa region.

One Big Family

As one family in Christ, we gather weekly to worship together at our 3 campuses: Baabda (main campus), Nabaa, and Ain Zhalta. Twice a year, our 5 congregations gather for a One Big Family Service to celebrate Jesus.
As a sign of our repentance from sinful living and our decision to follow Jesus, we witness through the baptism of water.

Senior Pastor
Rev. Hikmat & Krista Kashouh
Campus Pastors 
Rev. Assaad Touma - Life Group & Iraqi Campus Pastor
Rev. Amal Saad - Ain Zhalta Campus Pastor
Charbel Chamoun - Nabaa Campus Pastor
Raffy Njeim - Worship Pastor
Rev. Emad Boutros - Missions Pastor
Rev. Joseph Nahas - Pastor of Elderly
Rev. Magdi Malky - Bereavement Pastor
Denise Moughabghab - Children & Teens Pastor

Ministry Leaders & Consultants
Wajeeh Deeb
Betty Njeim
Nuha Kashouh
Nada Dandash Bachour
Jack & Miriam Sarkis
Mario Mouawad
Selim Moughabghab
Nawal Mousallem
Johnny Obeid
Nour Kassir
Tsoler Pashayan
Roy Abou Khalil
Randa Faysal
Debbie Fawzi

Mentoring Pastors
Wess Watkins
Ghassan Haber
Rev. Nabil Shehadi
Rev. Walid Harmoush

Executive Team 
Raffy Njeim - Worship Leader
Rana Murr - Administration & Project Manager
Rita S. Naoum - Chief Accounting & Finance Manager
Lily Malky - Communication & Partnership Director
Enaam Haddad - HR & People Flow Director
Ivan Fawzi - Curriculum Director
Dunia Al Ghoussein - Secretary

Couseling and Pastoral Care 
Rev. Dany & Amal Tayyar
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