Healing Beirut


The COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on Lebanon. Since January, Lebanon’s hospitals have been overcome by COVID-positive patients, leaving many unable to find a hospital bed. Pharmacies nationwide are running out of basic medications and oxygen tanks are scarce. Inflation and joblessness mean many families cannot afford to see a doctor or get lab tests, much less schedule needed procedures. We are living in a crisis.
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RCB’s medical ministry will use these funds to either cover the cost of surgery, medication, COVID-related treatment/testing, lab tests or hospitalization, in the most effective way, to meet the needs of the community.


Many people are unable to afford the costs of hospitalization and surgery since the devaluation of the Lebanese Lira and the ongoing financial crisis. The costs have become overwhelming. RCB will help cover the cost of surgeries, including C-sections, hernias, heart surgery and orthopedic procedures. The cost of surgery ranges between US $1200 - $5200


Although providing subsidized consultations at the RCB Al Shafy clinic allows people to see a doctor, they are often unable to get comprehensive treatment because they are unable to pay the costs of lab tests and investigations that are crucial to their diagnosis and accurate treatment. RCB will help cover the costs of these tests, imaging and investigations. The average cost per test per person is between US$25-40, but some tests cost up to US$105. Al Shafy Clinic helps approximately 120-130 people per month with lab tests.


There are currently shortages of some medicines due to lack of surveillance of pharmaceutical stocks. People are finding it hard to find even some basic medicines. When they are available, many people, especially those with chronic conditions, find it very difficult to pay their ongoing expenses. RCB will help cover the costs of regular medications for chronic conditions. The costs of these medications range between US$13-64 per month. Al Shafy clinic helps between 20-30 people per month with chronic medications, and aims to increase this number, as funds allow.


The health system in Lebanon has not been equipped to cope with the surge of cases and increased hospitalizations in recent months. Finding a hospital bed, even for those who are very sick, has been extremely difficult, and many are trying to seek treatment while staying at home. The cost of testing has meant that many are not being tested, even when their family members have obvious symptoms. RCB will help cover the costs of testing and treatment for those with Covid-19, providing oxygen concentrators for home use and medications. PCR tests cost US $38 per person

• Pray the Lord will show mercy on Lebanon, to her people and her health
system.  Ask the Lord to restore many to health and provide vaccines for
its six million people. 
• Pray for our church families suffering unbelievable hardships during this
current, strict lockdown.  Many have tested positive with COVID-19 while
others cannot afford even a test. 
• Pray for strength, courage, and wisdom for our relief and pastoral teams
who receive calls every day from the community and the church family
asking for help.  They are asking for food, for medicines, and for help
getting medical care. 
• Pray for the hospitals which are overfilled and cannot take patients any
longer, as well as their medical staff who are burned out and risk their lives
to save others. Pray for people to be able to receive their medications,
treatments, and surgeries on time.
• Pray for repentance and faith in Jesus among all the people within
Lebanon's borders.
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