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• For peace to prevail so we can continue building
relationships without fear of violence.
• For the relief provided to stretch to meet more hungry
• For the workers to find energy and positive faith despite the distractions of the continual bad news.
• For Jesus to come close to people in their need and draw
them to talk about faith.


900 struggling families (refugee and locals) with food & hygiene.
2700 refugees with medical care.
2500 families with non-food distributions.
There is great physical, emotional, and spiritual need among all
people of Lebanon today, and the opportunity to come alongside
them is even greater than before. God has equipped,
empowered, and sent the Resurrection Church family to provide
much needed relief and the hope of the Gospel to the
Lebanese community as they face unprecedented financial
challenges, in addition to the large Syrian and Iraqi refugee
communities currently residing here and have had to
flee from the difficulties in their home countries.


Learning Support Project (LSP)

Currently, we have 85 Syrian & Iraqi kids of ages 5 - 11 enrolled in a non-formal education program that runs for 5 days a week, 6 hours a day at two of RCB's campuses: Baabda and Sabtieh. These kids have no opportunity to access formal education at any local school in Lebanon. They have already missed years of education because of their displacement from the war. LSP offers these kids the chance to read and write Arabic, English, & French, learn Math, Science, & Gospel values, as well as acquire life skills.


Al Shafy Clinic

RCB provides medical assistance to more than 2,700 refugees every year through medical consultation sessions, medications subsidies through special vouchers, support with laboratory and diagnostic tests, contributions to hospitalization costs, and other emergency needs. RCB’s medical ministry includes 3 different initiatives: partnering with local clinics, partnering with local pharmacies, and contributing to medical operations. We also established Al Shafy clinic in 2019, where patients can book an appointment beforehand and have free consultations with doctors.


Food Voucher Program

Almost all refugee families arrive and live in Lebanon with minimal belongings and resources. Having to cope with trauma, displacement, and living in an expensive country like Lebanon, they all struggle financially to obtain the basic necessities of life due to the high living expenses and few job opportunities. Since two-thirds of our congregation is made up of refugees, we have a great need to help them with their struggles. RCB is supporting more than 700 refugee families by distributing food vouchers to them.


Baby Hygiene and Emergency Assistance

RCB is providing monthly distributions for diapers, formula milk, and hygiene kits for more than hundreds of refugee families. Alongside these distributions, awareness sessions take place.

The refugee community in RCB is continuously responding to emergency crisis that refugee families face. RCB campus pastors are diligently following up with families and taking care of them in their crisis moments. Currently we have more than 700 refugee families as part of the RCB family. These crises usually involve practical problems around accommodation, keeping dry and warm in the winter and
cooking and storing food. Basic utility costs are expensive here and with little income the refugees are always on the breadline.