Vision Of The Year


After focusing a whole year on our relationship with God, we seek to grow in intimacy with one another and with our community in 2023, creating various platforms for people to connect with each other and hence with God. 

We realize that developing intimacy starts with the Biblical understanding of hospitality extending God’s love to others, mainly those whom we consider strangers. And in such a hostile and polarized world that we live in, as a church, this year we seek to:

  • Welcome strangers not only in our church, as we have done in the past years, but also in our own homes and life groups.
  • Create space for a deeper Gospel engagement for the whole family, through regular and diverse family-oriented activities, with the aim of developing life groups where intentional discipleship takes place.
  • Focus on developing the virtue of hospitality within our leaders, moving them closer to the first century model of leadership.

If you are interested to know more about our vision for this year and/or what God has called us to do in the coming years, please contact us at [email protected].

Our 5-Year Vision


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